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Shock Wave Laboratory RWTH Aachen University,

High temperature gas dynamics, Hypersonic/Supersonic flows, Shock wave phenomena

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Our test facilities can be used for your research activities. We are pleased to offer you work programmes according to your special requirements.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. K.A. Heufer
Tel.: +49 241 80 26409

K.A. Heufer, KLEIN

Solutions are already delivered for institutions as EADS/ASTRIUM, ESA/ESTEC, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG and many others.

Industry Solutions

Special Customer Services

Our experience in the fields of hypersonic technologies, transonic flows in high Reynolds number range, high speed forming and two-phase flow can be used for your activities. We have conducted more than 1000 shock tube experiments for industrial applications. More...

Thin Film Gauges for Fast Heat Flux Measurement

Thin film gauges are fast heat flux sensors with high sensitivity and a short response time of about 1 μs. More...

Simulation Software KASIMIR

KASIMIR defines with high accuracy the instationary flow phenomena and gas conditions in a shock tube. More...


Please find a selected list which scientific and industrial institutions we successfully supported in their research activities. More...