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Shock Wave Laboratory RWTH Aachen University,

High temperature gas dynamics, Hypersonic/Supersonic flows, Shock wave phenomena

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Prof. Dr.rer.nat. habil. (RUS)
Igor Klioutchnikov
Tel.: +49 241 80 27550

Foto Klioutchnikov, Igor, Prof. Dr.rer.nat. habil. (RUS)

  • High-Q Club
    Highest Scaling Codes on JUQUEEN

  • Numerical Simulation

    DNS of compressible flows

    • Transonic, super- and hypersonic flows
    • Shock wave/boundary layer interaction. Waves processes
    • Shear layer instability
    • Transition and turbulence
    • Focusing shock waves
    • Detonation waves
    • Chemical kinetics. Combustion
    • Two-phase flows
    • Flow-structure interaction. Heat transfer

    High-order numerical schemes

    • FCT, WENO, optimised WENO
    • Spectral/Chebyshev, Discontinuous Galerkin


    DNS-codes for supercomputing

    Current Research Projects

    Direct Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Flows over Compression Ramps and Study of Appearing Görtler Vortices

    Pressure Waves around an Airfoil

    Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Wave Processes

    Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Pressure Waves Reduction for Transonic Airfoil Flow

    Direct Numerical Simulation of Free Jet Nozzle Flows

    DNS of hydrogen-air self-ignition in supersonic planar shear layers

    DNS of methan-air self-ignition in shock tube

    DNS of heterogeneous catalytic reactions

    DNS: Shock diffraction. Vortical structures

    DNS: Shock diffraction. Schlieren

    DNS: Hypersonic collision. Vortical structures

    DNS: Hypersonic collision. Schlieren

    SHOCKDNS: Hypersonic ramp flow, laminar inflow, M=7.7. Görtler-vortices

    SHOCKDNS: Hypersonic ramp flow. Secondary instability of Görtler-vortices

    DNS: Methan-air self-ignition in shock tube

    DNS: Temporal evolution of supersonic hydrogen/air shear layer. Self-ignition

    DNS: Spatial evolution of supersonic hydrogen/air shear layer. Self-ignition

    DNS: Hydrogen/air supersonic combustion

    DNS: Coaxial free jet, M=1.5

    DNS: Shock tube, Ms=2.4

    DNS: Shear layer instability, Mc=0.4